The research group welcomes engineers, mathematicians and computational scientists with deep knowledge, in mathematical modeling, optimization, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The group fosters multi-disciplinary research and candidates are encouraged to go beyond their area of expertise and interact with the rest of the group. If you seeking a degree at the postgraduate level and possess a strong set of computational and mathematical skills please contact Prof. Elsheikh by email.

We will be hiring multiple postdoctoral positions to join the ECO-AI project team

  • We have multiple PDRA positions on developing AI methods for multi-scale simulation, upscaling form pore-scale images (mm) to core-scale images (cm) and physics informed/constrained learning (HWU).
  • We have a research fellow position on optimization & optimal control using deep reinforcement learning.

Competencies, Skills and Knowledge

  • Excellent programming skills (e.g., python or julia, C++, OpenFoam)
  • Excellent skills in developing deep learning models (e.g., pytorch)
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills
  • Good team player with good communication skills